Frozen 2 Games

"Frozen 2” about to enter the stage of filming.

Frozen 2 Games

Princess Anna” Kristen Bell said that “Frozen 2” was preparing to enter the stage of filming. Three years ago, Walt Disney created the fever with Frozen - the brainchild of Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee tells the bond between two sisters Elsa - Anna and conveys to us a lesson about dealing with the fear. The film broke the ticket office, awarded two Oscar’s prizes but most important off all is to inspire a generation of young viewers about two sisters Elsa – Anna, two princesses with strong personalities and freshness.

Last year, Walt Disney made the audiences go crazy when announcing that there would be second part of the Frozen 2 games. Therefore, the fans are desperately waiting for the work to know more information about it. And recently, actress Kristen Bell said that part two will soon go into action and she will return to former role as the voice for the character Anna.

When being asked if she had begun filming or not, Kristen Bell replied: “Not yet. We are developing it. They are writing the script for Frozen 2 games, but I think we will make the film this month. The script is great and the film making crew is very quality. What I know about the whole crew is they work really by heart. That is the reason why we announced the second part would be so late. As usual, when you once made a successful film, you will want to make the second one. It will take a lot of time because they wanted to find out what story to tell, what is important, attracting the audiences and I think they had found.

Of course, Frozen can not succeed like that without great music. Two composers for Frozen are Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson -Lopez won the prestigious Oscar statuette for Let It Go, a song made headlines around the world and is the song of many young on mouth. Both have not worked with the cast yet, including Kristen Bell. However, the actress said the crew, including her, Josh Gad, Idina Menzel and Jonathan Groff will soon record for the Frozen 2 games.

Content and broadcasting time of Frozen 2 has not been announced on public. However, with the share of Kristen Bell, the audience can expect a Frozen 2 games are thoroughly invested by the film crew, promising to take viewers watch the colorful story of the sisters Elsa - Anna once more.