Back To School Princess Preppy Style

Just a really unique and riveting new Disney game for girls on Frozen 2 game. The 3 Disney characters you will be having to play with today are Anna from Frozen, Ariel from The Little Mermaid, and Moana, and you can see that those that are high school classmates who will be returning to school by the end of such a new challenge, and you will have to help ensure that you can enable them look fantastic.

Each of Disney princesses wears a separate style of clothing to school, so you must help make sure that by the end of this big beginning, you will have helped Moana, Katherine, and Ariel look amazing.

You will observe that Ariel is a very classy girl, and when sally returns to school, you should then ensure that you find elizabeth one of the cutest and most exciting ecofriendly, blue, yellow, or red costumes for her to wear with a new makeup and styling in the the shortest amount of time.

Moana will be very elegant too, so you will need to find mary a very cute little suit to wear. Outfit for girls are very attractive and will contribute to making Moana appear maybe smarter, while Anna will prefer a legendary school look with a shirt and a skirt. Have one good time!

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Instruction to play: