Beauty Hair Salon

Today, fashion models Zoe, Sofia, and Iris have visited the studio where Kris runs a hair salon. Since each of them wants a new hairdo and Kris is now too busy to complete everything himself, would you be able to work with him to create the clients' looks?
The gameplay is very rich and diverse, and eye-catching graphics will make players attractive. You will feel so many new things. Join us in this fascinating game. You will practice the first time you play. Conquer all those challenges! Share the fun with friends. How many levels will you pass and how many scores will you get? It all depends on your ingenuity. If you want to test your eyes, you can play some more games similar to Makeup Artist 3D, Nail Salon 3D.

Instruction to play:

To play, click or press the mouse. To play this game, you'll need a mouse. To finish the entire cooking process and to garnish the banana split, use the mouse.