Elsa Surfing Accident

Elsa Surfing Accident is an interesting game designed for girl which is playable on frozen games for pc. Elsa is a water sports enthusiast, and Summer is here, It's so hot! So, Elsa went to the beach to go surfing, and today she caught the perfect waves. She was so excited! She tought it would be a great idea to record a video to post on her vlog, it must be very popular! Unfortunately while Elsa was recording the video, she suffered a pretty bad accident, she was injured. Elsa was sent to the emergency room immediately, she needed first aid right now! Hey, doctor, hurry up! come on!

As a doctor, you need to help her. Her face has a lot of blood and bone is broken. Do first aid or her! He will thank you very much. Have a good time!

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Instruction to play: