Princess Pet Treatment

Princess Pet Treatment at Frozen 2 is a game for girls and boys of all ages. Princess Clara's pet got stuck in the accident and she needs your help. Rescue the pet and give the treatment. Also give the colorful outfits for the Princess. Have a great time!

Because the first level of this new Princess Pet Treatment is one in which your mission is going to be to save Max and take care of him, like you get to take his temperature, you get to clean him because he is going to have some wounds and of course you get to bandage his wounds. But you will have all the medical tools you need to dot hat here in this new Princess Pet Treatment.

Than your next mission is going to be to dress up Rapunzel, now that Max is well and she is sure Flynn Ryder is going to be really happy about that too, she needs your help to take care of herself, and for that your first misison is to dress her up.

Join your friends right now in the game to test your reflexes in the best way. It will be more fun and some other interesting game genres like Popsy Princess Spot the Difference at 

Instruction to play: